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About Us

The Founders

Vickie Bageorgos Necakov and Trisha Blaker are two exceptionally skilled and experienced Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) who met while pursuing their Masters degrees in Science at New York Medical College. After extensive training and studies in medically based speech and language pathology, the clinicians went on to master their skills and specialize in distinctive areas.

Vickie Bageorgos Necakov MS., CCC-SLP TSLD, continued to advance her skills in the area of cleft lip and palate (CLCP). Her experience began almost 15 years ago working with children affected with CLCP and/or other craniofacial anomalies. She continues to consult with cleft palate and craniofacial teams in New York City. Vickie’s exposure to the pediatric population, has given her extensive experience in language disorders, verbal apraxia, dysfluency, articulation and voice disorders. Her expertise in the adult and adolescent population includes both acute and sub-acute care. Client and patient care include assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders, aphasia, traumatic brain injuries, degenerative neurological diseases and voice disorders.

Trisha Blaker MS., CCC-SLP TSHH, continued to advance her skills working with the pediatric and adolescent population in a rehabilitation hospital. She treated and assessed infants and children with congenital anomalies and rare disease/disorders. As head SLP of the traumatic brain injury team, Trisha devoted extensive time to families to design and execute the highest quality treatment plans. Her skills and expertise include central auditory processing disorders, language delays/disorders, traumatic brain injuries, feeding disorders and oral motor and cognitive impairments.

Six years later, Vickie and Trisha teamed up to establish Speak Out New York, a private practice providing the highest quality of care. Their passion and love for their work is evident in the environment that they have created. Their practice is a family habitat where clients can thrive.